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    Ana Lopez

    I go to nature, go for a run, or walk to the beach, where I can see the Ontario Lake, that brings me peace, if I don’t go out I listen to music or watch a sad movie to cry and release my futility

    Luis Cisneros

    By trying something different, and by this can be if I need to write and I can’t I listen top music that will get me inspired. If I have to draw and I can’t I watch a movie, If I need to paint and I don’t like the outcome I start all over again and take the work before as a warm up. And by this we can say that I do not like to force the process.

    MUSE Arts

    Thank you Ana and Luis for sharing. These are great ways to overcome creative blocks. It is also helpful to hear other perspectives on how others get over them for those times where we are blocked on how to unblock ourselves!

    Sandra De leon

    I tried to write and rest. Sometimes I dont paint in days because i dont know what to paint. I want to try a challenge to paint whatever in a period of time (14, 100 days for example) and see what is the result.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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