What are some ways that the arts can serve the community?

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    Maria Shanina

    Arts can be that catalyst that enables people of various backgrounds to share their knowledge on different topics, experiences, values and believes. Arts can facilitate discussions, can foster listening and understanding, thus making connections within the community stronger, and community members more empathetic towards each other.

    Andrea Rodriguez

    Arts can encourage the need to listen. Art creates conversation and engages us in collective change.

    Luis Cisneros

    I think it can heal or start the process of healing. Can give a space and/or voice to those communities that some times can have access to these. It can highlight and express something that sometimes is not aloud or hard to be said or written. It helps by drawing attention to issues or problems that the community faces. A way of activism.

    Ana Lopez

    I have been learning about developmental psychology since 2017, involving emotions, relationships, expression, and everything I have listened so far resonates with me from what I have learned previously. I believe that arts serve the community by building the community build and strengthen relationships through the creation collectively (make work together), it can help us as individuals to explore our human potential. Arts are our emotional playgrounds for expression.

    Sandra De leon

    Art is part of a narrative of what happend in a period of time. Is an oportunity to express ourselfs and others.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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